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Illegal Alien Anarchy . . . Connecting the Dots!
By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
April 13, 2006

There is no society that can indefinitely allow a relentless flood of illegal aliens to contravene its laws, violate its sovereign borders, overwhelm its infrastructures and social systems, degrade employment opportunities for its own people, while the massiveness of the illegal invasion constantly degrades America's way of life, culture and language.  Why then is that being allow to happen here in America?  You may think that the illegal alien protest rallies and school 'walkouts' were spontaneous eruptions, but think again.  They were carefully orchestrated by many, many people, groups and organizations that receive megabucks from unions, corporations and foundations and MOST IMPORTANTLY tacitly endorsed by our government.  Ask yourself why insanity reigns?(1)

Proposition 187 Protest

Aren't you 'sick and tired' of hearing the pro-illegal alien lobby's mantra of "it's a federal problem" knowing full well that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) consists of 2,000+ agents to deal with 23 MILLION illegal aliens?  How many CIVIL infractions do YOU get a 'pass' for?  When is the last time you heard of ANYBODY being arrested for 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens, a felony with a penalty of up to five years in jail?(1)

As evidenced by the pro-illegal alien marches, the illegal aliens want to maintain their allegiance to their home country, they want jobs, they want all the rights of American citizens but none of the responsibilities.  HR 4437 is a way for America to FINALLY . . . just say no!

Under HR 4437 ~ Illegals Will Get Charged with Felony Instead of a Misdemeanor

Ironically, the law defines the penalties for 'aiding and abetting' a felony.  Where a felony is a penalty of more than one year in jail.   Currently illegal aliens are SUPPOSED to receive a penalty of 6 months for illegally entering the United States, while those who 'aid and abet' those same illegal aliens can get up to five years.  Does that make any sense?  The fact is that the lawbreaking illegal alien NEVER receives that six month penalty.  The local and state police can't be bothered with the court process and filling their jails with those who will only receive a 6 months jail sentence and be charged with fines they will never pay.

If the penalty were harsher AND enforced then perhaps illegal aliens will be more reluctant to defy our laws.  As it is now they are NEVER ARRESTED FOR JUST BEING HERE ILLEGALLY.  Nor are they arrested for continuing to RESIDE here, nor are the ever arrested for WORKING here illegally.  They get a FREE PASS while you, the American people, couldn't spit on the sidewalk without getting a summons.

Anti-Illegal Protestors

Wake up America, there is now a de facto two tier system of law enforcement in this country.  YOU obey the laws, while illegal aliens do whatever, wherever, whenever they want without punishment.

There are currently 23 million illegal aliens occupying our country today with 10,000 more A DAY entering America.  Of those 23 million illegaIs, 90% are mostly Catholic Hispanics, 65% of whom originate from Mexico.  These are the illegal alien 'migrants' or 'immigrants', that the Catholic Church and Charities 'aids and abets'.  One does wonder if 23 million Hindus or Muslims or Jews were to illegally invade America would the Catholic Church still be loudly advocating for 'Welcoming the Stranger' and 'Justice for [illegal alien] Immigrants'?(2)

As for the enforcement of our immigration laws . . . when is the last time you heard of a business owner being fined for employing illegal aliens?  Forget about the Wal-Mart SUB-CONTRACTOR bust because it was done strictly for show!  You should know that there were 178 employer sanctions in 2000, 100 in 2001, 53 in 2002, 162 in 2003 and only THREE employers received sanction notices of intent to fine in 2004.(3)  Is there anyone who believes that there were FEWER businesses employing illegals in 2004 than in 2000?

The mere FACT that 65% of the 20 million Hispanic illegals are Mexican (approximately 13 million) represents a demographic that is prima facie evidence that we are engaged in a de facto 'war' with Mexico.  An asymmetric war that has been waged for more than two decades against our sovereign nation, maliciously and deviously by Mexico.  During that time, the Catholic Church has functioned as a 'fifth column' by facilitating our enemies and seditiously 'aiding and abetting' their presence in America.(1)

Why Is No One Arresting the Illegal Alien Reconquista Rabble in our Streets?

America-Mexican's Homeland?   Immigrant "Rights" For Illegals

To see and hear their outrageous, arrogant, racist reconquista harangues  Click Here to Play video.

In order to understand why the borders are wide open and our immigration laws totally and completely unenforced, you MUST understand that it is all part of the plan for the One World Order (OWO) takeover that is eroding our Republic piece by piece by piece.  It has NOTHING to do with 'big business' need for cheap labor' or 'vote pandering'.  It has NOTHING to do with Republicans or Democrats.  It has NOTHING to do with conservative or liberal or anything in between.  It is a world plan by SCAMs (socialists, communists, anarchists and Marxists) traitors who have infiltrated our government, military and courts and are, in reality, actually running this country.

They are a sly and devious CABAL that is hiding in plain sight!  They are the de facto government that MOST Americans have no clue exists.  They are the 'Shadow Government'  that is enthralled with SCAM ideology that is memorialized in the Communist Manifesto, which tends to prompt statements from our current president George W. Bush such as:  "It's just a goddamned piece of paper" when referring to the Constitution of the United States, followed by:  "I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief.  Do it my way!" found here.

It is a devious process that has been in the making for over 100 years here in America and for several millennia in other parts of the world throughout the course of history.  If you view ALL the insanity perpetrated in these last few decades, INCLUDING illegal immigration, through the lens of One World Order . . . THEN and only THEN will you FULLY understand what and why it is happening.  A year ago this author laughed at such notions as 'conspiracy ideas' proffered by whackos and nuts, etc., now, however, it is with EXTREME CERTAINTY and without any doubt whatsoever that is what has been unfolding before our very eyes.(4)(5)(6)(7)

MEChA Protest

For a good overview of the behind the scenes manipulations read the story found at the following reference number and make sure you follow up the embedded links in the article:  (See reference number 8 below)

Some Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself . . .

Do you think that when the Berlin wall came down, all the commies said, "What the hell, we gave it our best shot" and returned home beaten and defeated?  Do you think that Communist Russia gracefully retreated from their invasion of Afghanistan without plans for revenge?  Of course not!  What they learned from those experiences was that they can't over-take a country, especially one like America, by force using a 'frontal' attack.  The cost is too high.  Instead they decided to continue what they have been doing for 50 years . . . to attack from within.

The communist plan, then as now, is to ruin all the institutions that nourish our Republic.  Those bedrock rights that are contained in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and our laws.  Think about the rights-eroding law suits by the ACLU.  As will be discussed . . . the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC) cabal has seriously eroded many of our 'rights' and institutions which is why they have so brazenly announced the elimination of our borders by 2010.  They believe they are in a position to take over.  Why do they think that?  Think GATT, CAFTA + NAFTA = SHAFTA.

Think about the Supreme Court Kelo decision which authorized the taking of private land for private development under eminent domain.  Think the middle class un-friendly bankruptcy laws enacted last year.  Think the 'Patriot Act''.  Think about the most ominous of all 'free trade' agreements that are pending, the FTAA agreement, which stands for the Free Trade Area of the Americas.  It will be the final 'nail in America's coffin'!

Do you think you can stop the CFR--Trilateral juggernaut?  Now may be our last chance.  Remember what happened after communism took power in the Soviet Union and China.  First they 'cleaned house' and got rid of ALL dissenters.  Communist China killed 100 million.  Soviet Russia killed at least 60 million before it self-imploded.  Do you think that Russia's current president Putin runs a democracy or is Russia still essentially a totalitarian state?

Coming Attractions . . .

Take a look through the 'window on the world' and you will see what the future holds in store for the United States.  We are slowly devolving into a socialist state that is sinking under the horrendous weight of multi-culturalism, multi-lingualism and entitlements for the lawless.  Those Hispanics who flaunt their desire for the reconquista of our land, waving their Mexican flags while they blatantly glorify their disdain for acculturation and assimilation into our language and culture.  Their actions are the antithesis of America's famous melting pot and motto of E Pluribus Unum, out of many ONE.

Three Racists Signs   Burning Our Flag   Immigrant and Refugee "Rights"   Racist Whites - Keep Out

The cost of this unarmed invasion is in the $100s of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a YEAR.  We are sinking under the weight of the taxpayer burdens to the tune of $46.7 BILLION dollars to fund JUST ONE Executive Order by Clinton (E.O. 13166) that requires multi-linqualism everywhere and everyplace.(9)  Where are we heading and for what purpose?  Do we want everything we have achieved in America to continue to be turned on its head?

Watch the riots and car burnings in France.  Watch the riots in Australia.  Watch the problems in the Scandinavian countries and Germany that have mushroomed after embracing large numbers of unassimilated aliens from other lands as they struggle with overwhelming incompatible cultures, languages and religions.  Do you think that the United States will be exempt from that kind of chaos?

Is THIS the NEW America?

If you think the segregation of Blacks in the south was a festering wound for America . . . think what's in store for our future, when there is MONUMENTAL segregation EVERYWHERE generated by the divisions of culture, language and patriotism.  The Hispanics are already DEMONSTRATING where their allegiance lies along with their dis-respect for our country.  There is no mystery here.

Raising The Mexican Flag   Mexican Flag Flying Over Upside-Down American Flag

Here are More Questions to Ponder . . .

Did you ever wonder why we couldn't overthrow Castro's down-trodden, rag-tag country?  Maybe the powers that be, WANT him there.  Why did we allow Most Favored Nation status for trade with Communist China, a potential major economic competitor and arch military rival?  Why did we allow all manner of technology to reach Communist China, who wants to erase the United States?

Why are all of the central and south American countries going socialist?  How can that bode well for America?  What has our government said about that menacing situation?  Nothing?  Might the reason be that the global elites CONDONE and WANT those communists and socialists countries to thrive in our backyard?

Alger Hiss
Alger Hiss (by CORBIS)

Do you think that Alger Hiss was the only 'closet commie' that didn't get ferreted out of our government by the McCarthy hearings?  Didn't you always wonder why McCarthy was so vilified by the 'establishment' as he chased valiantly after those communist infiltrators who were hiding here in the highest places of our government?  Many who weren't ferreted out by McCarthy but were later unmasked and exposed by name in the Soviet archived Venona Papers.  Papers that our own government did not declassify and release until 1997.(10)

One last VERY INTERESTING fact is that "In 1945 [Communist Alger Hiss] . . . presided at the United Nations organizing meeting that was held in San Francisco, and [then] in 1947 he joined the Carnegie Endowment".(11)

Connecting the Dots . . .

Full Rights For Illegals   Socialism and Liberation Banner;   Truckload of Signs for Illegals "Rallies"

These American Communist Organizers are Behind the Illegals March for Amnesty

"ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a front for the communist/socialist Workers World Party, which was identified by former FBI Director Louis Freeh as a "domestic terrorist group", is behind the immigrant rallies taking place around the nation."  Hypocrisy reigns in the waving of the American flag as a foil against charges of anti-Americanism.  Our flag is being used in mockery and dishonesty, as a shield against criticism and the discovery of the true story that the SCAMs (socialist, communist, anarchist, Marxist) are in fact the true organizers and financiers of those 'spontaneous marches!'(12)

"ANSWER provided logistics (signs) for the immigrant rally in L.A. on March 25.  [And] ANSWER claims credit for organizing that rally."(12) 

There would not have been a single American flag flying in these marches if the communist organizers hadn't forced the duped Hispanic participants to fly them in order to avoid angering the American citizenry.

Lastly, do you know what the SCAMs (socialists, communists, anarchists and Marxists) have in store for you here in America?  Do you know how they spent the these last decades meticulously refining, re-working and planning their take-over of the United States when they institute their One World Order?  Have you ever read the "Communist Manifesto?"  You should, it will make you hair stand on end to see how many of its 'tenets' have ALREADY BEEN IMPLEMENTED!  Take the time to find out what's in store for you and your children, go to this reference below and read a 'thumbnail''; version of the "Communist Manifesto" entered into the United States Congressional Record in 1963:  (13)  To further your understanding read the articles found below in these references:  (14)(15)(16)

Here is Part of the Propaganda Found at the 'Marches'

Communist Propaganda

How They Indoctrinate Our Minds

"The mass media, think tanks, public relations firms, and the education system deliver the corporate message into mainstream thinking.  Lobbyists influence politicians.  Think tanks and foundations influence teachers and students.  Advertising influences consumers.  The corporate construction of reality ridicules economic and political alternatives ([such as] public ownership, proportional representation) while promoting other views and choices ([like] corporate financing of political campaigns, [and] dependency on international trade) which come to seem inevitable.  As people cease to notice that some issues aren't discussed, their desires and beliefs are manipulated in an "engineering of consent", and eventually the entire society . . . internalizes a truncated agenda which favors existing power relations."(17)  Which, if you hadn't noticed, is exactly where we are today.

"Most think tanks are tax-exempt public education organizations forbidden by IRS regulations to spend a major portion of their resources on lobbying.  But think tanks' "scholars" testify before Congressional committees, provide analyses and briefing papers to legislators, and periodically serve as government officials.  As the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] journal reported, "more and more think tanks hire public relations professionals, spend much of their time producing press releases rather than reports, and search for senior fellows who are media savvy or politically committed."  The Heritage Foundation spends more on raising money and promoting its agenda than it does on funding research."(17)

Communist Propaganda Newstand

The VISIBLE Traitors Who Run Our Country . . .

Why does our government permit and encourage the illegal alien invasion with wide-open borders and un-enforced immigration laws?  Why does the president damningly call the Minutemen 'vigilantes?'  Why do the president and others keep repeating the mantras "They are doing the jobs that Americans won't do?"  "We need to match those willing workers with willing employers."  "These people just want to put food on their tables."  "These are good, hard-working people." The answer to all the questions that have been asked thus far becomes patently clear when you understand that our government, from top to bottom, is being controlled by the One World Order global elites from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC) and Bilderberg (B) membership.

There are many in our government who are 'global elites' who believe in a One World Order (OWO) and who EMBRACE the tenets of the 'Communist Manifesto.'  They have infiltrated our government at ALL levels.  They are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) who publicly announced last summer (2005) that they plan to eliminate our borders by 2010, thus eliminating our sovereignty and ignoring our Bill of Rights, our Constitution and planning an end to our laws and our Republic.  Their agenda of One World Order has been 100 years in the making.

These are SOME of the more 'visible communist/socialist One World Order traitors' who are members of the CFR, and/or Trilateral Commission and/or Bilderberg groups, that are busy selling out the American Republic:  Cheney, Rice, Gen. Abizaid head of CENTCOM, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Armitage, Perle, Chao, Geenspan, Both Clintons, Dodd, Feinstein, Graham, Hagel, Kerry, Lieberman, McCain, Schumer, Sarbanes, Snowe, Graham (FL), Rockefeller, Kerry, Kissinger, Powell, Albright, Frank, Matsui, Berman, Gephardt, Gingrich, Kemp, Kolbe, Rangel, Judges:  Breyer, Ginsburg, O'Conner, to name a few . . . along withmuch of the State Department, and former presidents Carter and George H. W. Bush, etc.(18)(19)(20)(21)(22)(23)

It is standard operating procedure for those in high office to step down from the CFR while in office so they do not receive any criticism or connection to the organization.  Do you still think that there is nothing amiss?  If so, read what the CFR, etc., has to say on their very own websites.(24)(25)(26)

Why are Most Americans Unaware of these Subversive Organizations?

Because, as David Rockefeller, chairman of the CFR from 1970-1985, explains, "We're grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.  It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years.  But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government."(27)(28)

"The Rockefellers have helped fund and direct not only the CFR but also the United Nations and the Trilateral Commission.  As for the globalist goals of the CFR . . .CFR member Richard N. Garner, who in a 1974 Foreign Affairs article titled: &nbsop;"The Hard Road to World Order" wrote, In short, the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than the top down.  It will look like a great 'booming, bussing confusion [like the chaos of overwhelming illegal alien invasion combined with 'the war on terror' providing cover for] . . . an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault."(27)(28)(29)

Fox and Bush with Mexican FlagThe True George W. Bush . . .

When running for governor of Texas in 1996, President Bush declared in a campaign speech in San Antonio the following:  "About 15 years before the Civil War, much of the American west was northern Mexico.  The people who lived there were not called 'Latinos' or 'Hispanics' they were Mexican citizens until all that land became part of the U.S.  After that, many of them were treated as foreigners in their own land."(30)

You did, of course, notice the OMISSION of the fact that Mexico provoked a war with us, which America then WON those disputed territories.  A war over land that Americans paid for with blood and treasure.  Then there was the small but very important FACT that in 1848 the Mexican government signed and ratified the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo something the Mexican reconquistas ignore.  A treaty that ended any and all claims Mexico had to the land that now part of the United States.

When you win a war, you don't need to allow the losers (Mexico) to have ANYTHING!  But being America we paid MILLIONS of dollars to Mexico.  Besides, the American Indians were the original landowners of what is now the U.S., until their land was stolen by Mexicans.  Any valid "chain of title" claim thus belongs to the American Indians, not the Mexicans.

Bush's 'true colors' show again . . ."Early in 1998, the Texas Republican convention produced a decidedly anti-Insider [i.e., anti-CFR and anti-globalist elite OWO] platform.  It called for abolishing the EPA, ATF, and three federal departments (Housing and Urban Development.  Health and Human Services, and Education).  Supported overwhelmingly by the 7,500 convention delegates, this official party statement also recommended a gold standard in place of Federal Reserve, withdrawal of the U.S. from the United Nations, repeal of the NAFTA and GATT trade agreements, and termination of U.S. contributions to the International Monetary Fund (a privately held fund).  It even urged Congress to conduct a "thorough investigation of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission."(31)

"As the Republican governor running for reelection, Bush was aghast.  [Why? because he was] Already being schooled [read 'groomed'] by the [CFR and Trilateral] 'brain trust', he promptly announced that he wouldn't endorse the platform, claiming that it was only 'a statement of the delegates of the convention', not the position of any candidate for office.  The Houston Chronicle said that Bush 'runs on his own agenda.'"

What did George W. Bush do?  He essentially thwarted the will of 7,500 Texas Republicans.  Did he pay a price?  No!  He was re-elected governor in 1998.  He was able to 'stonewall' those 7,500 people.  How was he able to get away with that?  Powerful people, in powerful places and a little help from the Houston Chronicle . . . think [           ] by the global elite media!."(31)

Whoever Heard of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS)?

A committee that works in SECRET and makes SECRET decisions approved the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Ports World (DPW) takeover of 6 of our major seaports of ENTRY into the United States.  CFIUS, who had turned down only ONE other deal out of some 1800 decisions in its entire history.  The only other deal to get quashed was the one involving Communist China's grab for an American oil company, killed by public outcry.  Even after several federal agencies objected to the Dubai deal CFIUS approved the deal anyway.  Only when there was public outcry did the deal fail.  How many other secret deals and secret meetings to sell our infrastructure to foreign countries have there been, and will there be in the future?(32)

Dubai Ports World

What Does The CFR's Own Website Say?

"But treaties [i.e., NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA] and international institutions [like the UN] account for only part of what constitutes global governance today.  Rules are often the result of what states [i.e., countries or nations] do on a day-to-day basis, RATHER THAN THE RESULT OF A NEGOTIATED [i.e., NOT approved by the US Congress] AGREEMENT.  They grow out of routine collaborations between governments, financial regulators, and police investigators--a complex web of global 'government networks'.  Yet states do not hold a monopoly on setting international standards; PRIVATE CITIZENS AND GROUPS are increasingly influencing the rules of the road."(33)

In other words, they BYPASS the Congress of these United States of America.  They make their deals, like the Dubai Ports deals, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WITH NO SCRUTINY OR OVERSIGHT BY OUR ELECTED GOVERNANCE!!!!!

If that ONE paragraph, taken from the CFR website, doesn't scare the hell out of you, then NOTHING will!

One of Their Own Spells It ALL Out . . .

"Dr. Carroll Quigley, CFR member, college mentor of President Clinton and author of Tragedy and Hope, identified the Council on Foreign Relations as a joint venture of the private sector [banks, commerce, media] with the objective of controlling government:
... the powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.  This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."(34)
Trilateral Symbol

Keep in mind that the vaunted Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY RUN AND OWNED MONETARY SYSTEM that simply prints fiat money which is currency that is not backed by ANYTHING, nor is it convertible to gold or silver.  Three sources from inside the U.S. Treasury recently revealed that the Treasury is currently printing two TRILLION dollars of fiat money round the clock 24/7. (35)  The Fed will then circulate that fiat money, not worth the paper it is printed on since it isn't backed by anything of value, which then becomes the money YOU get to borrow.  THAT allows the Fed elite, consisting of private citizens, to make THEIR money from the interest they charge YOU to borrow it.

To repeat . . . the money they lend you is printed out of thin air with NO BACKING BY ANYTHING OF VALUE, SUCH AS GOLD OR SILVER.  It is repaid to them as interest, earned by the sweat of your brow, which INCREASES THEIR WEALTH.  Understand that they have done NOTHING but produce paper money out of thin air, which allows them to become richer and richer on YOUR labor, without ever lifting a finger!  Get it?

How the FEW 'Media Moguls' Control EVERYTHING You See and Hear . . .

Americans are like 'mushrooms' . . . we are being kept in the dark and fed you-know-what!  Your TV, radio, newspapers and magazine are virtually ALL being used as propaganda tools by the members of the One World Order.  Do you know how they all are able to work in concert to manipulate and brainwash you . . . read the following reference (found below) to understand that the print, radio and television media are ALL controlled by the very few whose agenda is ALSO communist inspired One World Order - A MUST READ:  (see reference number 36)

If you relied on the U.S. media, you might not have noticed the massive pro-immigrant protests held in U.S. cities in recent days.  A survey of several leading U.S. border and national media outlets revealed scant or non-existent coverage of protests against the Sensenbrenner immigration bill, HR 4437, convened in Chicago [3/10/06 with 75-100,000 protestors], Washington, D.C. [3/7/06 with 20,000 protestors], and Tampa by Latinos Unidos, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Sin Fronteras, and scores of other organizations."(37)

"The dearth of coverage is striking considering the ample doses of recent media attention on the Minutemen, immigration legislation and the growth of the undocumented workforce in the United States.  Not surprisingly, the U.S. exception was the Spanish-language television giant Univision, which featured prominent stories about the protests on its nightly newscast.  A program on a Univision-affiliated radio station in Chicago is credited for helping promote that city's action."(37)

If you can stand the heat, step into this kitchen and check on this bubbling caldron of clickable URL driven information about the money, orchestrations and machinations that were behind the immigration marchers.  You can decide for yourself if they are fact or fantasy or something in-between.(38)(39)

The Propaganda Machine:

It is suggested that watching TV is a form of indoctrination by a propaganda tool TOTALLY controlled by the elite globalists along with 90% of all other media outlets.  Be advised that there is more deceptive propaganda engineered by OMISSION than by any other technique . . . think anti-[       ] immigrant.  Think [                    ] China.  To see who the talking-head CFR propagandists are follow the link listed below found in the following reference:  (40)

Media manipulation of all that you hear and see was recently exposed, which included a series of secret memos between the White House and Viacom's management which were leaked and "revealed that the Bush Administration issued direct guidelines for programming to media outlets . . . calling for the media giant to focus on stories and programming choices that 'reinforce the Administration's positions' and to 'ignore and/or discredit points of view in opposition to the Bush Administrations' foreign policy objectives for the purposes of National Security'."(41)

That's one that we know about; how many others have been sent, or whispered or phoned, or emailed or sent by snail mail or delivered in person?

Then There are the OWO Propaganda Cartoons for the Kiddies:  As part of the indoctrination for One World Order (OWO) the elites have slipped brain-washing subliminals into your children's cartoons.  The Nickelodeon graphic below is but one example.(42)  For another subliminal OWO example created for the cartoons your children watch . . . go to this reference below:  (43)  Just wait and the blank black screen will start on its own.  Play it several times to catch on to how inappropriate the dialog is to the storyline.  This is but one tiny example of how your children are being propagandized and indoctrinated.

Illuminati Symbols On Nickelodeon
Subliminal Illuminati Symbolism On Nickelodeon

Has the Catholic Church Been Infiltrated by Communists?

How strong is YOUR faith?  Do you still have the ability to seek and find the truth?  If so you might want to watch a series of nine videos that were recorded at a Catholic Monastery in Berlin, NJ in the year 1996, that features a speaker by the name of Dr. James Wardner.  See reference number:  (44)  He provides an interesting lecture on the "The Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church." The lecture is based in part on a book he wrote titled:  The Planned Destruction of America.(45)

Pope John Paul II frequently preached One World Order as evidenced by this statement made in Mexico:

Pope John Paul II in Mexico on "Migration"

The AMERICA the Pope speaks of above is NOT the United States of America, but ALL of North America -- that's Mexico, America and Canada.  The statement above made by Pope John Paul II clearly indicates that he was in the camp of the Communist Manifesto, CFR, Trilateral Commission.  He has made this and MANY, MANY other similar OWO pronouncements, associations and visits legitimizing communism and other repressive regimes under the guise of love and reconciliation . . . all the while he was promoting a One World Church.(44)

John McCain Shows His CFR 'Colors' as He Ignores 82% of quot;We the People!"

"Sen. John McCain [a CFR member] is praising the recent wave of pro-illegal immigration demonstrations, saying that if the protesters hang tough they will succeed in forcing Congress to liberalize immigration laws.  'If such demonstrations continue, I think we will have a bill for the President to sign soon,'  the Arizona Republican told a New York City gathering on Friday sponsored by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.  'The more debate, the more demonstrations, the more likely we will prevail' [with the guestworker amnesty bill], McCain added, in quotes picked up by the New York Daily News."(46)

If You Think Talk Radio is Your Salvation . . . Think AGAIN!

"Do you think that your 'conservative' talk show hosts are going to alert you to the truth?  Really?  When did Bill Bennett inform you that Bush's 'No Child Left Behind' is the same UNESCO (United Nations) program as it was under the name of 'Goals 2000' and 'School to Work'?"(47)

"One very dark place where the United States finds itself is membership in the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  Complying with UNESCO policy, the U.S. is systematically implementing a federal public school curriculum that is fraught with propaganda that teaches our children to accept that very same UN worldview of 'commonism'."(48)  What is commonism?  It is the current version of socialism, communism and Marxism all rolled into one!

"Most in Congress fail to see that the reason public education is turning out illiterate children is the direct connection to the implementation of a federally mandated/UNESCO curriculum.  Instead, Congress responds to parent anger and frustration by implementing more and more of the same."(48)

"When did Savage point out that the architects of the war in Iraq, Bush's closest advisors, belong to the Likud party, a political party of a foreign government [Israel] which is naturally hostile to Iraq?  I don't listen to Rush, but I doubt that he made much of a fuss over the LaRaza (The Race) affiliation of Bush's attorney general."(47)

"When did Sean Hannity tell you about Bush's intentions to merge the US, Canada, and Mexico into one EU-style regional government?  When did Bill O'Reilly tell you that the national ID card was designed by an ex-KGB chief, and that the effort began years before 9-11?  When did Laura Ingram alert listeners that the US government is planning on building concentration camps across the country?  (Google 'KBR' [Kellogg, Brown and Root], 'Emergency Support Services', 'Homeland Security', and 'Concentration Camps' if you don't believe me.)"(47)

"You didn't hear this because the 'main stream' media is . . . in the hands of die-hard Bolsheviks.  We must face this disaster with courage.  We are on our own."(47)

Would YOU Pick This Photo to Represent A Pro-American Flag Rally?

American Flag Rally   American Flag Rally Published Photo Mark Rightmire(49)

Do you see an American flag there?  The smaller photo was the only published photograph of a 100 person pro-American rally outside Costa Mesa City Hall in California.b A rally that was done in protest of the insulting,barrogant and disrespectful waving of Mexican flags by the thousands of illegal aliens and their supportersbwho marched last week in major cities all across America.  Is that the very best the Orange County Register could do to honor the American Flag?  It is a clear expression of their bias and pictorial version of [             ] omission.

The Bottom Line . . .

A 'house divided' by bilingualism and multi-culturalism will fall into the hands of the One World Order.  Take back your Constitutional Republic and sovereignty before your children become the robotic tools desired by the OWO shadow government.  Their goals are:  "Societal restructuring via educational transformation . . .[where the] predetermined outcome is to posture an oligarchy over a compliant global community of meticulously groomed workers, not thinkers; followers, not leaders; group members, not individuals; subjective feelers, not objective thinkers . . . globalism extends [its] . . . tentacles to grasp and subsequently own America's public education system."(50)

Haven't you heard the words "school to work" repeated recently?  Do you think they mean hi-tech or professional work or corporate elite jobs?  It's the new 'mantra' . . . listen closely!  If you don't think there is such a treasonous OWO move afoot in our government run schools you MUST READ:  "the deliberate dumbing down of america" by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.  It is a well documented MASSIVE compilation of many decades of the socialist/communist educational manipulation and propaganda foisted upon our children and parents.  It is insidious and invasive.  "This book will change forever the way you look at your child's education."(see reference number 51)

Is This America's Last Chance for America's Survival?

It is up to the reader to follow up with the references provided and make their own journey of knowledge in order to 'connect the dots' and decide if there is any substance to the issues raised and assertions made.  There is one question that should underlie all that you learn about . . .  If EVERYTHING you have questioned about what our government is doing or not, could be explained by the goals of Communist inspired One World Order, would that convince you of its efficacy?  Would you then believe that the implementation of the Communist Manifesto is in fact being accomplished by the global elite cabal who are simply getting their 'ducks in row' as they ready all of us for the 'Shadow Government' takeover.  Think about it . . . it can't ALL simply be just the coincidence of an incompetent government making erroneous mis-steps, and using the 'war on terror' as a foil and cover-up, could it?

Like yourself . . . there are at least two hundred million good-hearted, honest, law-abiding, hard-working people here in America.  You need to understand that WE ARE AT WAR RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!  We are being invaded by a foreign country and we are being betrayed from within.  You cannot rely on the elite media to tell you that there are AT MINIMUM 23 million invaders/insurgents already here.  The reason our government does nothing to enforce our laws and secure our borders is because our government is rife with global elites who are working assiduously to achieve a communist inspired One World Order (OWO) and the open borders are part of the plan.  Chaos will eventually reign, martial law will be enforced, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution will evaporate, our sovereignty and Republic will end as the global elites take over and reign supreme.(52)

America . . . wake up . . . GET EDUCATED . . . stand up . . . speak out . . . fight back!  Remember . . . "It's a Republic, if you can keep it!"  America needs YOU to rise up and take back your country from those who would enslave us all!

Home Depot Protest Anti-Illegal Alien Protest in Temecula   Day Labor Protestors   MMP On The Border With Flags

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